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How To Activate Your Red Pocket SIM Card My TickTalk

How To Activate Your Red Pocket SIM Card

We include a free SIM card with every U.S. purchase for our TickTalk 4 smartwatches. Upon checkout, you'll select if you want to use AT&T's network (GSMA) or T-Mobile's network (GSMT). Once you receive your TickTalk 4, if you received a Red Pocket SIM card, you can follow the below steps to activate your SIM and use your TickTalk.

Watch Our Red Pocket SIM Activation Guide

Read How To Activate Your Red Pocket SIM Card

      1. Go to the Red Pocket TickTalk portal website HERE and select Activate Your Device
      2. You'll be prompted to enter your SIM ICCID #, which can be found on the back of your Red Pocket SIM card that was included in your TickTalk 4 box
      3. You'll see a green Valid checkmark and be prompted to Register for a new account or Sign In if you have an existing Red Pocket Account

      4. Enter your personal information to create an account and select Register

      5. Enter the verification code sent to your email to confirm your account *Verification code may have a slightly delay in being sent. Please wait up to ten (10) minutes to receive or select I did not receive the verification email. Send Again until you receive the verification code*
      6. Once you have verified your email, you'll see Activation Plan Required. Select Click Here To Purchase A Plan
      7. Select the plan that works best for you and choose Select *We recommend starting with $10 per month plan which includes 1000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, and 1GB of data. TickTalk is not compatible with the annual plan and must be on a monthly plan.

    1. Confirm the information on the Checkout page including the plan you selected (top left), enter your credit card information, agree to the Terms & Conditions, select Checkout, and select Continue Activation
    2. IMPORTANT:  If asked Are you transferring over a phone number?, select No, Give Me A New Number Instead.  DO NOT transfer over a phone number or enter your personal cell phone information here as this will transfer your personal cellular plan to Red Pocket. 
    3. Confirm your service zip code, email address, first and last name, street address/city/state/zip code are correct and enter your personal phone number (This will  NOT initiate a phone number transfer from another wireless carrier and is only used for reporting/account management)
    4. Agree to the Terms & Services and your activation is complete!

For any Red Pocket specific issues or issues with activation, you can reach out to Red Pocket's Customer Service team here, calling 1-888-993-3888, or emailing

For any assistance with your TickTalk 4, you can contact our Support Team here.

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