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How to switch your current plan to TickTalk Wireless My TickTalk

How to switch your current plan to TickTalk Wireless

If you have an existing cellular plan with your carrier, but looking to switch to TickTalk Wireless, follow our step-by-step guide on switching your plan.


  1. Request a TickTalk Wireless SIM card from our Support Team here
  2. Once you receive, you'll need to create a separate account with TickTalk Wireless in order to select your plan, activate your SIM card, and get your TickTalk's phone number.
  3. Go to TickTalk Wireless and select Register to create an account. You’ll be prompted to enter your full name and email address to sign up.
  4. A verification code will be sent to your email to continue. Please check your junk box if you did not receive the verification email, then enter the code.
    ticktalk wireless verification code
  5. Select Add A Plan to pair your SIM card with your new TickTalk watch.
    ticktalk wireless add a plan
  6. First, you’ll need to enter your SIM card ICCID number, which can be found on the back of your new TickTalk Wireless SIM card. You can either enter this number manually or scan the barcode on your SIM card. If you are scanning an AT&T SIM card, the ICCID number is the bottom barcode.
    ticktalk wireless connect sim card

  7. ticktalk wireless sim card example
  8. If you selected an AT&T SIM, you may be asked to enter your IMEI number, a 15 digit code which is your TickTalk watch identifying number, that can be found in your TickTalk parent app by selecting the contact icon in the upper left hand corner underneath your child's profile name. If you selected a T-Mobile SIM, you’ll skip this step.

    ticktalk wireless imei pairing
  9. Next, you’ll be asked to select your plan: Choose our Basic Plan with 1,000 minutes and 1GB of data for $9.99/per month or our Unlimited Plan with unlimited talk, text, and data for $19.99/per month. *Does not include mandatory regulatory taxes or fees
    ticktalk wireless select a plan
  10. After selecting your plan, enter your credit card information, billing address, and confirm your plan details. Please do not exit the page until you see Purchase Successful.
    ticktalk wireless purchase successful
  11. You’ll receive an email with your new TickTalk phone number once your plan has finalized. Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for your phone number to populate, but will typically happen within a few minutes. During this time, you may see Pending over your plan details, this will go away as soon as your phone number populates. At this time, number porting is not available and we cannot switch your old phone number to your new cellular plan.
    ticktalk wireless pending
  12. Once you receive your phone number, you’ll be able to view your Plan Details here including your TickTalk phone number and next renewal date. You can select Plan Details to view your SIM ICCID number, plan details, and cancel your subscription.
    ticktalk wireless my plans


Once you've activated your new TickTalk Wireless SIM card, you'll need to cancel your existing plan to avoid being double charged. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please contact your current carrier directly. Thank you!