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Messaging Troubleshooting My TickTalk

Messaging Troubleshooting

Why are my texts not loading in my iMessages/phone text messages?

All messaging takes place between your TickTalk watch and our free TickTalk parental control app and will not populate in your phone's messaging center like regular text messages. You can download the free TickTalk app at either the Apple or Google Play Store. We keep all messaging within our system as we use encrypted messaging to offer the best possible protection of your child's data and ensure that no unknown numbers are contacting your child.

Why am I seeing red exclamation mark when sending messages to my watch?

If you are seeing red exclamation marks next to your messages in your parental control app, please confirm that your TickTalk is online. Charge your TickTalk and check to see if you have phone service. If your child's TickTalk 4 is online, simply sign out of the TickTalk App and sign back in. If signing out and signing back in does not fix this issue, reset the watch from the watch settings, allow it to reboot, and try the message again. 

Why are my voice recordings not working or sending?

Please go into your watch settings and select Reset. Allow your watch to reboot, sign out of your parental control app, sign back in, and your watch should show online. Please try to send another message and it should go through