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My watch caller ID is incorrect My TickTalk

My watch caller ID is incorrect

It is very common practice for service providers to recycle phone numbers from previous users as there are not enough phone numbers to supply for everyone. Once a subscription has ended, the number returns to the number pool to be cleared and reused for a new subscription when a number from that area code is requested. While we can assure we only send brand new watches and SIM cards to our customers that have not been used by anyone else, one possibility if a name is populating from the phone number is the previous user may have paired with a Google account which would populate in caller ID. 

To resolve this, please make sure that you save your child’s new phone number in your cell phone Phone Book as this should override any previous caller IDs. We are also happy to send a new SIM card free of charge which should resolve the issue if you continue to experience. If you'd like to receive a new SIM card, you can contact us here and we'd be more than happy to send one out!


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