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How It Works My TickTalk

How It Works

Looking for a safe cell phone alternative for your child, but have a few questions? Find answers to common questions below or email our dedicated SoCal customer service team.

TickTalk works exactly like a cell phone (with training wheels)

Your TickTalk gets its own phone number and doesn’t connect to your personal iPhone, your Family Plan, or require Bluetooth to work.

Monthly plans start at $9.99 with no contracts or hidden fees

We include a free SIM card with every U.S. purchase for an affordable, pay-as-you-go plan starting at $9.99 per month on either AT&T or T-Mobile’s network with our carrier, TickTalk Wireless. Instantly activate your TickTalk Wireless SIM online in a few simple steps. With zero activation fees, contracts, or cancellation fees, your monthly plan will automatically refill to make staying connected as simple as possible. *Does not include mandatory regulatory taxes or fees

Everything happens between your TickTalk and our parent app

As soon as you get your TickTalk, you’ll download our free TickTalk App to create your parent account and set up your child’s TickTalk. After you’ve setup your accounts, all messaging, calling, video calling, and locating will take place between your TickTalk app and your TickTalk smartwatch.

Add up to 53 parent-approved contacts through the TickTalk App

Anyone who wants to video call or message your child will need to download the free TickTalk App and request permission from you to add your child.

Have contacts who don’t want to download the app? No problem.

Anyone who doesn’t want to download the app can be added as a Phone Book contact to use voice calling with your child (and you’ll still know who your child is contacting). 

Turn on the Firewall to block strangers

As soon as you’ve added your contacts, enable our secure Firewall to block any unknown numbers from messaging or calling your child. Want your child to have the freedom to call or receive calls from non-approved numbers? Simply disable the Firewall.

Instantly see your child’s location

Instantly see your child’s location by opening your TickTalk app, regardless of where you or they are. Your TickTalk will automatically pick the most accurate location using either Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular towers. 

Explore all our other parental controls

The best part about TickTalk is you get all the positives of a smartphone, like 24/7 connection and knowing your child is safe, without any of the downfalls. See your child’s past locations with History Route, approve or deny contact requests, see your child’s call logs, enable or disable individual features to fit your family best, and so much more. 

Save Emergency SOS and enable 911 calling

Save yourself or whomever you’d like as your Emergency SOS contact to automatically call you if your child presses and holds the red button. Enable 911 calling to allow your child to call your local emergency dispatch by pressing the silver button once and red button twice on the side of their TickTalk.

Everything they need in their first cell phone, none of the features they don't

TickTalk 4 has all the features your child needs to stay connected and safe while developing a positive relationship with technology. With no internet, games, or social media, your child gets a pre-cell phone that prioritizes family connection with video calling, voice calling, and messaging. Parents love they get peace of mind with 20+ parental controls, location tracking, Emergency SOS, 911 response, and more. TickTalk 4 helps teach great habits and promotes independence with Reminders, Do Not Disturb class mode, and Activity Tracker.

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