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Debunking 4 Common Myths About Smartwatches

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Smartwatches

Technology is always changing the world, which is true for even smaller pieces such as smartwatches. These watches have presented themselves as an alternative to smartphones for some. For others, it is just another accessory. Continue reading to discover the four most common myths we debunk about smartwatches.

They’re Less Distracting Than Smartphones

While this can be the case, you are only partially safe from distractions with a smartwatch. The traditional smartwatch still enables calls, texts, and access to different apps and social media. They will also have health monitoring data, which can quickly suck someone into hyper-focusing on their health all day. In such instances, the smartwatch can become more distracting than a smartphone.

Smartwatches Are Expensive

They may be cheaper than their smartphone counterpart, but their overall dollar value is lower based on the services they offer. This misconception has changed how many people look at smartwatches, so they fail to look deeper and realize that the prices for smartwatches are accurate, if not underpriced, for the features they provide. These devices have a lot to offer, are wearable, easily chargeable, and convenient, making them a great choice for anybody.

Smartwatches Are Inaccurate

One of the main appeals of this wearable technology is its ability to track the wearer’s health and activity, but detractors say they are inaccurate. Part of this myth comes from the fact that you shouldn’t rely solely on these smartwatches to tell you if you’re healthy. They are supplementary health tools that the wearer must use in conjunction with regular doctor visits and self-evaluations.

They’re Worse Than Smartphones

Because they are smaller and wearable, many think smartwatches are just cheap versions of smartphone that lacks many of the same features. In reality, smartwatches have many of the same features as their phone counterparts and for an affordable price. Moreover, many have unique features you can’t find in smartphones. Some notable features are activity tracking, and some smartwatches for children will even have parental control capabilities.

After debunking these smartwatch myths, you may wonder if you should get them for yourself and your family! A traditional smartwatch is a great option for adults, but consider investing in ones designed especially for kids, like our GPS tracking watch for kids. Here at TickTalk Tech, we build the type of smartwatches you want to gift your kids—all the fun of a smartphone without the features that may be inappropriate for them. You also have parental control and location tracking options, so you can always make sure they’re safe!

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