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How To Activate Multiple SIM Cards for Multiple TickTalk 4’s My TickTalk

How To Activate Multiple SIM Cards for Multiple TickTalk 4’s

Purchase multiple TickTalk 4 smartwatches for your children and looking to activate at the same time? We highly recommend setting up your individual TickTalk smartwatches one at a time as you’ll need to separately pair with your parent app. To avoid any confusion when pairing with your parent app, please follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. First, you’ll need to activate your SIM cards one-by-one at Please only activate one SIM card at a time to avoid confusion. After activating your first SIM card, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your phone number (this can take up to 24 hours to receive). Write this phone number on the physical SIM card. DO NOT insert your SIM card until you have received the activation confirmation with your phone number.
  2. After you’ve received the first SIM activation confirmation, you can proceed with activating the second SIM card by following step #1.
  3. After receiving both watch phone numbers, you can proceed with pairing to your parent app one-by-one:
    1. Turn off Watch #1 and insert your activated SIM. Download the TickTalk parent app, sign up for your parent account, and follow the setup instructions in your app to pair with Watch #1. Once you’ve successfully paired, set up your child’s account, including the phone number you wrote on your first activated SIM. 
    2. Once you’ve successfully setup Watch #1’s account, you can continue with setting up your other watches. 
    3. Add another TickTalk to your parent account by logging to your TickTalk App > selecting the top-left Profile icon > select Add Another TickTalk.
    4. Follow the instructions in Step A and repeat for Watch #2, Watch #3, etc.

*If you accidentally entered the SIMs into your watches but forgot to write down the phone numbers, you can use the Dial Pad on each TickTalk watch to call your personal cell phone to get each watch phone number.