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Pairing your TickTalk smartwatch with your TickTalk Parent App My TickTalk

Pairing your TickTalk smartwatch with your TickTalk Parent App

Everything from calling, messaging, video calling, and parental controls with your TickTalk smartwatch happens in our secure parent TickTalk App. You'll need to pair your TickTalk App with your TickTalk smartwatch to begin connecting and using all of our parental controls. Let's get started! 

Sign up for your App Account

First, you'll need to download the TickTalk App by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and searching for TickTalk. After you've downloaded, you’ll be prompted to sign up for your parent account and select your method for future sign-ins. If you select to receive the verification code via text, you will sign into the app with your phone number moving forward and vice versa if you receive the code via email.

Pair to your TickTalk smartwatch

Go to the watch Settings > Pair where you will see your watch TTID number along with a QR code. Using your phone, open the TickTalk App, select the contact icon in the upper left hand corner > Add Another TickTalk > and follow the instructions to complete the pairing process. 

Setup your child's account

To enter your child's information, select the avatar icon in the upper left-hand corner of your App and click Edit to enter your child’s profile image (optional), name or nickname (optional), watch phone number, gender (optional), and birth date (optional). If you leave your child's name blank, your watch will be identified by your watch TTID number.

After you've setup your child's information, you're all set! Now you can set up your child's contacts, Emergency SOS number, Shortcut Parent Dial Icons, and start connecting!