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Why is my TickTalk Offline?

Why is my TickTalk Offline? My TickTalk

If you are seeing an offline message, your TickTalk isn’t connected to a cellular network or may be connecting and disconnecting frequently. To help identify the issue, please try the below:

Confirm your settings

  • Check that Airplane Mode setting is turned OFF. Go to your TickTalk watch Settings > Airplane Mode.
  • Check that cellular data is turned ON. Go to your TickTalk watch Settings > Cellular.

Check your coverage area

  • Make sure you are in an area with cellular network coverage. Swipe your TickTalk watch screen up to view the Control Center and you will see your coverage bars.
  • Turn your cellular data off and then back on again. Go to your TickTalk watch Settings > Cellular, disable, wait a few seconds, then enable.
  • Turn your TickTalk on Airplane Mode. Go to your TickTalk watch Settings > Airplane Mode, enable, wait a few seconds, then disable. This will force your watch to search for a signal immediately. 

Check your Wi-Fi signal

  • If you are experiencing offline issues indoors when you are connected to Wi-Fi, confirm your Wi-Fi signal is normal and the network is stable. Go to your TickTalk watch Settings > Wi-Fi and confirm you are connected. If your TickTalk watch is connected, please check the stability of the network on your other devices (tablet, cell phone, laptop).

Restart Your TickTalk Watch

  • Restart your TickTalk watch by pressing and holding the silver button.

If these troubleshooting tips do not work, please contact us here. Our Support Team is available to help you Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST and we’d be happy to process a return for replacement as you may have a defective SIM card or a cellular network issue affecting your watch. You can also access our full Troubleshooting & FAQ sections with answers to common questions.

Thank you again for choosing TickTalk!