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What cellular carriers does TickTalk work with? My TickTalk

What cellular carriers does TickTalk work with?

TickTalk is a globally unlocked smartwatch phone that works with GSM carriers worldwide. 



We include a free SIM card with every U.S. purchase to give our customers an affordable, pay-as-you-go plan with no contracts or activation fees. With plans starting at $9.99, you can choose a TickTalk Wireless plan on either AT&T or T-Mobile's network. All activation takes place on our TickTalk Wireless website*Does not include mandatory regulatory taxes or fees

Pick No Sim Included (International) if you are outside of the U.S. You will need to source a GSM SIM card from your local carrier and make sure you get a regular cell phone plan with talk, text, and data. Wearable, digits, tracking, or tablet plans are not compatible with TickTalk.


TickTalk is not affiliated with any wireless carriers and is compatible with GSM networks. We can provide a free SIM card from Red Pocket as an affordable monthly plan for our TickTalk users.

Red Pocket is a US-based prepaid carrier that also offers a no-contract, pay-as-you-go plan with no activation fees on both AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. You can activate the SIM and credit the account online at their website. Please be aware, the watch will not work with the Red Pocket yearly plan and we recommend starting with the $10 monthly plan. 

*All activation, crediting, and refilling must take place through Red Pocket's website


If you're already a T-Mobile user, you can add a new line to your family plan. The watch works with T-Mobile's "ONE PLAN" or "MAGENTA" plans which are regular phone plans with text and data. These lines will be approximately $25-$35 per month to add a line to your existing plan. 

If T-Mobile is recommending a plan that is $10 per month, it is most likely a wearable plan and is not compatible with TickTalk. Make sure your monthly plan is a regular cell phone plan with talk, text, and data. Wearable, digits, tracking, or tablet plans are not compatible with TickTalk. 

Compare your T-Mobile plan to the recommended TickTalk Wireless monthly plan which offers the same network service at $10 per month. Learn more HERE.
The t mobile childrens watch plan for the t mobile childrens' watch we recommend the TickTalk Wireless monthly plan.


We also have the option of choosing your preferred carrier as long as they are on a GSM network. If you'd like to use AT&T's network, we do not recommend using AT&T directly as we are not partnered with them and cannot guarantee the service will work. If you wish to use AT&T's network, please use the included TickTalk Wireless SIM on AT&T's network to be able to access the same coverage. Some of the most popular GSM carriers are T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and SpeedTalk. 

At this time, TickTalk is not compatible with Sprint or Verizon as they run on a CDMA network. For our customers who have personal plans on either of these networks, we recommend the TickTalk Wireless $10 per month plan. You will be able to download the free TickTalk App on your phone from the Apple or Google Play store (regardless of your cellular provider) to communicate directly with your TickTalk.


The TickTalk 4 is a 4G unlocked universal device that has been purchased and used in over 100 countries. We have added a feature on the TickTalk 4 that allows you to manually add in your carrier's APN code. Learn More
Please download the compatibility sheet for more details. All carrier and frequency band data is collected online and it's recommended that customers outside the U.S. check the frequency band with your local carrier before purchasing to ensure that the product will work properly in your location. For a list of global GSM carriers, you can download our list here.

*Due to local importing laws and regulations, shipping service and/or cellular services are not available in Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, and Russia at this time.

The Tick Talk watch t-mobile childrens watch plan and the Tick Talk watch at&t plan we recommend the TickTalk Wireless monthly plan.