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How does GPS locating work on TickTalk? My TickTalk

How does GPS locating work on TickTalk?

TickTalk 4 uses 3 different technologies and will automatically choose the best signal for the most accurate location. Your TickTalk does not need to be on Wi-Fi to track and will work in 3 steps to offer the most precise location: 

  1. First, it will locate the nearest public Wi-Fi to enable online tracking with a location accuracy between 100-500 feet.
  2. If your watch cannot locate a public Wi-Fi hotspot or the Wi-Fi signal is weak, it will locate a GPS signal with a location accuracy between 10-300 feet. In GPS mode, while the accuracy is higher, it will result in faster battery drainage so the watch will rely heavily on Wi-Fi locating.
  3. If a Wi-Fi or GPS signal is not available, the watch will locate the nearest cell tower signal and use the cellular tower location. The locating accuracy in this mode is between 500 feet to 20 miles depending on how far the cellular tower is from your TickTalk. TickTalk will mainly use Wi-Fi and GPS to track and will rarely use cellular towers. However, some of our customers who live in rural locations do rely on cellular towers as they do not have access to strong Wi-Fi or GPS signals.

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