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Using T-Cloud to Backup Your Data and Settings from your TickTalk App

Using T-Cloud to Backup Your Data and Settings from your TickTalk App My TickTalk

For TickTalk 4 users, we offer 1GB of free cloud storage space. T-Cloud makes it possible to sync your data from your old TickTalk watch to your new watch for a seamless transition. With T-Cloud, your TickTalk can now backup settings, photos, videos, and messages. We also made it possible for App users to sync data like contacts, settings, and reminders directly to their new TickTalks. This is especially useful for families with multiple TickTalks. 

How do I backup to T-Cloud?

Please make sure both watches are at 100% battery and that both watches are plugged into a charger for the back up. In your TickTalk app, go to Settings and select T-Cloud. Back up your TickTalk 3 fully, then you can pair your TickTalk 4 and it will ask you if you want to complete a data transfer. Please select Yes to download info from your TickTalk 3 to your new TickTalk 4. For your SIM card, you can simply transfer your TickTalk 3 SIM to your TickTalk 4 and turn it on. 

We made this video for more information on setting up T-Cloud.

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