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Using Remote Answer from your TickTalk App

Using Remote Answer from your TickTalk App My TickTalk

Added to our watches for emergency situations, Remote Answer will prompt your TickTalk to call you back within 1 minute with your end muted to be able to hear your TickTalk's surroundings. For privacy and security reasons, only Full Access Users can use the Remote Answer function. 

To use this function, select the Phone icon in the bottom navigation of your TickTalk App and you will be prompted to input your information. After you have inputted, select the Phone icon again and you will see a Remote Answer icon. Input your phone number as the Listener Number (do not input your child’s phone number) and your TickTalk will call you back within 1 minute. If the watch does not call back within 1 minute, please make that the watch has at least 2 white signal bars and displays as Online in the TickTalk App.

For privacy and security reasons, we do not allow remote access to the cameras on your TickTalk watch.


By using our products/services including location services, Remote Answer, and other safety features, you agree to use only for safety and/or emergency uses and with consent from all applicable parties.