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Learn About Emergency SOS On Your TickTalk

Learn About Emergency SOS On Your TickTalk

Giving your family peace of mind is our #1 priority at TickTalk. Emergencies happen when we least expect and we want your child to be able to call for assistance if necessary. We included Emergency SOS auto-dial on your TickTalk for your child to hopefully never use, but have available if they need it. So how does it work?

Set An Emergency SOS Contact

In your TickTalk app, select the Contacts icon in the lower navigation bar. Here you can add a designated Emergency SOS contact. Whoever you designate as the Emergency SOS contact will receive a call if your child presses and holds the red button on the side of their TickTalk for 5 seconds to keep you a button away in case of emergency.

Access Emergency SOS When On DND Mode

Emergency SOS is the only feature that will work when your child’s TickTalk is on Do Not Disturb Mode to keep your child safe in case of emergency. Simply press and hold the red button on the side of your TickTalk and it will automatically call whoever you dedicate as the Emergency SOS contact regardless of the DND status.

Watch our video for more information on setting up your SOS contact.