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Learn About Parental Controls On Your TickTalk

Learn About Parental Controls On Your TickTalk

When our Founders created TickTalk, we wanted to create a product that gives parents peace of mind, with the ability to choose which features work best for your family. Our goal is to offer families a safe cell phone alternative where you don’t have to worry about screen time, internet exposure, or introducing your child to social media too young with all the parental controls you could need. So how does it work?  

All Communication Takes Place Between Your TickTalk & Your TickTalk App

All communication takes place between our free TickTalk app and your TickTalk using our AWS-protected cloud server. While you can use regular voice calling for approved contacts, all messages and video calls will happen through your TickTalk app. We can ensure your data is protected when the communication takes place from device to device, allowing us to block unknown numbers from contacting your child and ensuring that only approved messages get through. 

Customize Your TickTalk Parental Controls

We give you the option to enable or disable features that work best for your family. With 20+ parental controls, you have the ability to:

Activity Tracker:Set daily step goals and access daily, weekly, and monthly reports for their activity levels

Add Friends: Choose to enable or disable the ability to add friends directly from your TickTalk

Approve App Users:Easily approve contact requests in your parental control settings and set individual access levels

Call 911: Choose to enable or disable the ability to dial 911 directly from your TickTalk 

Custom Text Responses:Easily add unlimited custom text quick responses for your child that best fits their lifestyle

Deactivate Watch: Choose to enable or disable the ability to deactivate your TickTalk from the watch interface

Dial Pad:Choose to enable or disable the dial pad to keep your child from calling non-approved numbers

Do Not Disturb: Quickly set Do Not Disturb times to keep your child focused

FaceTalk: Choose to enable or disable FaceTalk video calling 

Firewall: Enable our secure Firewall to block any calls or messages from non-approved contacts 

Music & Usage Limits:Set daily music limits, limit listening to under Wi-Fi only to preserve data or allow for unlimited listening
*iHeartRadio Family only available for U.S. customers

Remote Control:Reboot or turn off your TickTalk remotely 

T-Cloud: Backup or sync your TickTalk to our cloud server to easily transfer/store your watch data including messages, contacts, settings, photos, and videos

Watch Blocked SMS Texts:While you cannot see the individual messages sent from your TickTalk with approved contacts, you can see any blocked messages sent to your TickTalk from non-approved contacts

Watch Call Log: View all calls to and from your TickTalk

Watch Password: Choose to set a watch password to protect your child’s information in the case your watch is lost or stolen

Watch Power Off Control: Choose to disable or enable the ability to power off your TickTalk manually 

Wi-Fi & Locating Settings:Choose the best Wi-Fi auto connection and location tracking settings that fit your needs

See Your Child’s Location 

Our interface shows your child’s location as soon as you open the TickTalk parental control app. Simply press the Pinpoint icon on the left-hand side to update your child’s current location. You can also see your child’s past locations by selecting the Foot icon on the left-hand side.*

*You cannot use History Route if your watch is under Power Saving Locating Mode.

Save Up To 53 Watch Contacts

By selecting the Contacts button on the bottom left-hand side of your phone screen, you can enter phone numbers for your child to access 2-way voice and Wi-Fi calling. All communication besides voice calls takes place between our free TickTalk app and your smartwatch, so any contacts who want to access video calling or secure messaging will need to download our app in the Apple or Google Play Store. 

Add Speed Dial Icons On Your Watch Home Screen

Create two speed dial icons to live on your watch’s main home screen for easy dialing. Select Contacts in the bottom left-hand corner of your TickTalk app and select the contact you’d like to set as speed dial icons. Once saved, your child will be able to easily call you with the push of a button.

Create An Emergency SOS Contact

In the Contacts section in your TickTalk app, you can also add a designated Emergency SOS contact. This person will automatically receive a call if your child presses and holds the red button on the side of their TickTalk for 5 seconds to keep you close in case of emergency.

Approve App Users & Set Access Levels

To ensure your child’s data is protected, all video calling and messaging takes place between our free TickTalk app and your child’s smartwatch. To approve app users, simply select the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your TickTalk app, select Approved App Users, and you can approve or deny any requests and set individual access levels. By giving a contactFull Access, they’ll have the same access level as you including viewing your child’s location and editing settings. By giving a contactLimited Access, they’ll only be able to access messaging, video calling, and greeting cards. 

You can also watch our video for more information on our parental controls.