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3 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe in Crowded Places

3 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe in Crowded Places

When you become a parent, you’ll experience both joy and hardships. Some of those hardships are simple and expected, like late-night crying and picky eating, but you won’t notice some other difficulties until they’re right in front of you. One of those challenges is navigating crowded public spaces with a child beside you. It can be incredibly tricky, but if you continue reading, you can learn some tips for keeping your child safe in crowded places.

Create a Plan

Before you ever get near a crowded place with your child, create a plan. If you go in without any preparation, it will be difficult for your child to know what’s right or wrong to do, and they can get you into some trouble. Try to delegate some responsibility to your children and let them know how important staying together is. Their job is to hold your hand or walk directly next to you, and you’ll let them know that your job is to safely take all of you through this crowded place.

In addition to creating a plan for navigating these spaces, designate a safe area where you can reconvene if you get separated. Pick something highly visible from many points, such as a big sign, tree, or statue.

Teach Them Important Information

In addition to creating a plan, you must teach your child important information they can use to find you again. Depending on your child’s age, that may mean helping them to memorize your name, address, and phone numbers. With that information, if you get separated, and they’re lost and unable to find you, they have some resources to fall back on. If they’re too young to remember this information, consider a wristband with the information or a simple piece of paper in their pocket.

With that information, they can go to a security guard, police officer, or an employee in a store and ask to borrow their phone. Be sure to have your phone ready for any potential calls while searching for them!

Know How To Navigate

Creating a plan for going through a crowded place and teaching your children important information they can use to contact you is essential. However, something more important is simply knowing how to navigate these spaces best. Some of the most common crowded spaces you’ll encounter are:

  • Airports
  • Fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Malls

While each of these spaces is different, there are right and wrong ways to go through them. Trying to walk directly through the crowd of people is inadvisable. Instead, consider walking on the side of the room or simply hanging back and watching the crowd disperse before you get out and try to walk through it.

Keep these tips in your back pocket if you want to keep your children safe in crowded places. Crowded places are a normal part of life, but it’s easy for you and your children to accidentally get separated. These tips can help make sure that doesn’t happen, but another layer of protection you should consider is a kids’ emergency watch. At TickTalk Tech, our watches are simultaneously fun for your kids and have extensive safety features like location tracking, so you’ll always be able to find them!