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3 Ways Smartwatches Have Changed the World

3 Ways Smartwatches Have Changed the World

Technology is constantly revolutionizing the way society and the world work, but not every technological advancement changes the world. The internet and smart devices have significantly impacted society, whereas something like a Roomba has failed to achieve the same level of disruption. In addition to smart devices, wearable tech is emerging, though it’s mostly limited to smartwatches. Still, smartwatches have changed the world in numerous ways and will only continue to change the world as our technology progresses.

Fitness and Health

One of the best and most apparent ways that smartwatches have changed the world is that they enable people to monitor their fitness and health more accurately. Traditional watches will tell you the time; if they’re a little fancier, you can also know the date. These watches may even have a little calculator if you’re lucky. However, traditional watches cannot determine your heart rate, steps taken, or activity levels, but smartwatches can. Smartwatches can also monitor your sleep and let you know if you’re resting fully or tossing and turning at night. It can seem like information overload, but if you take a step back and carefully evaluate all this information, you can become healthier.

Better Focus

It seems wild to say that another smart device has made it easier to focus, but in a world full of screens, smartwatches have simplified things. Instead of browsing between a work computer, home computer, and smartphone, you can find everything right there on your wrist. The simplified user interface also prevents distractions that lead to endless scrolling, usually attributed to other smart devices. A smartwatch can still distract you, but it’s much easier to escape that world when it’s on your wrist.

Safe Parenting

These smartwatches are also changing the world of parenting and making it easier for them to ensure their kids are safe. When a child has a smartphone, they’ll quickly fall into the same rabbit hole as adults, lured into endlessly scrolling through social media or playing games. A child can do the same with a smartwatch, but alternatives on the market, like the smartwatches at TickTalk, don’t have these games or internet capabilities. In addition to restricting these distractions, many smartwatches offer parental services like location monitoring and in-app messaging so parents can ensure their children are safe.

Smartwatches have and will continue to change the world as developers keep pushing the technology forward. However, you don’t need to wait for this technological trend. Here at TickTalk, we’re making smartwatches you can use to keep your children safe. Our child safety GPS tracker smartwatch will ensure that no matter where your child goes, you’re always in the know and can ensure they stay out of trouble!