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Different Types of Smart Devices for Children

Different Types of Smart Devices for Children

As a parent, a significant decision you’ll need to make is what devices you allow your child to have. The technological world is massive, and that includes devices for children too. There are plenty of different types of smart devices you can choose from for your children, but not all are appropriate for every child. Some offer too many freedoms and distractions, so as a parent, you must keep a watchful eye to ensure you get the right smart devices for your child.

Kid’s Tablets

A kid’s tablet is something you can easily find in a lot of child’s hands, but what is it? These tablets are different from your traditional iPads or other smart tablets. Manufacturers design them with children in mind, so your children can use them for many applications. Some common applications you’ll find on these kid’s tablets are:

  • Learning games
  • Books
  • Children’s shows and movies

Other applications get hidden behind parental passwords, so if you are okay downloading other applications like Minecraft or Netflix, you can.

Smart Readers

A smart reader is one type of smart device that is great for children. Smart readers, like the Kindle Kids, are easy-to-use reading devices where your child can instantly access thousands of children’s books. These smart readers are also great because their sole focus is reading, so your child won’t distract themselves with different games or social media sites.

Smart Watches

Wearable tech is a big technological trend today, and that also extends to children. Part of the appeal of these devices is that children like to emulate their parents, so if you have a watch or smartwatch, they may want one too. Thankfully, some child-friendly versions exist on the market, accomplishing many of the same purposes without the drawbacks. Some smartwatches can also take photos, play music, or make and receive calls.

Depending on the model of the smartwatch you get, there may also be parental controls you can access. The smartwatches we offer here at TickTalk Tech include parental controls, so if you like the idea of a children’s smartwatch but are still a little apprehensive, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can find the right watch for your child that lets them have fun while you ensure they stay safe.

There are many different types of smart devices to choose from for your children, but depending on your child’s age, some may not be appropriate for them just yet. If your child is on the younger end, but you still want them to have some freedom, consider investing in a GPS-tracking watch for kids from us at TickTalk Tech. Our watches are the perfect smart device for children because they have all the positives of cell phones while still staying safe.