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5 Ways To Celebrate World Wildlife Day With Your Child My TickTalk

5 Ways To Celebrate World Wildlife Day With Your Child

We want the best for our children and that includes teaching them the importance of protecting our planet and teaching them how to make a difference. In honor of World Wildlife Day, here are 5 ways you can educate and inspire your child to protect our planet's wildlife!

Teach Your Child Why It Matters

Sit down with your child to discuss the importance of World Wildlife Day. Have an open conversation together about what your child knows about the day, answer any questions, and how your child can make a difference in the planet’s future. By having an engaging discussion, your child can become not only compassionate but empowered, to make a difference and excited to do their part!

Learn Together 

Sharing kid-friendly materials with your child are the perfect way to understand why World Wildlife Day is important. Some great resources can be downloaded for free on the World Wildlife Fund’s website for you and your child to do together. A kids smartwatch with free streaming* iHeartRadio Family can also be a great way for your child to learn more with podcasts like Earth Rangers, Amazing Wildlife, and so much more! Your child’s natural curiosity for the world around them will get them excited to do their part and spread awareness.

Practice Sustainable Habits

Reducing personal waste, separating trash and recyclables, using biodegradable packaging, and even cutting down water usage are great first steps everyone in the family can integrate into their daily routine. To keep the whole family on track, a kids smartwatch with 3D Reminders is a great way to build more sustainable habits by scheduling a daily reminder to sort your day’s recycling! Opt for family walks instead of driving to reduce your carbon footprint for a greener lifestyle while getting in some much-needed family time.

Create A Love For Nature

Witnessing all the planet has to offer through outdoor activities will help your child feel connected to nature and inspire them to do their part in creating a better future. Visiting national parks, going on nature walks, visiting local farms, and starting a garden are a few perfect ways for your child to start a love of nature and wildlife. 

Show Support

If you and your child want to do more, there are so many amazing wildlife conservation charities to support. While donations are a great way to make an impact, get involved in local fundraisers and charity events to raise awareness and build a stronger sense of community with your neighbors! 

By teaching our children the importance and fragility of the world around us, our children can not only make a difference but also inspire their peers.. If you’re looking for a safe way to stay connected to your child while supporting a great cause this March, we’re donating a portion of all TickTalk 4 smartwatch proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund to help create a better future for our children. What are you doing this World Wildlife Day? DM us @myticktalk and we’ll repost how you’re making a difference!

*iHeartRadio Family available for U.S. customers only at this time