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4 Healthy Habits A Smartwatch Will Teach Your Kids (That Smartphones Won’t) My TickTalk

4 Healthy Habits A Smartwatch Will Teach Your Kids (That Smartphones Won’t)

97% of Americans own a cell phone and for parents looking for a way to stay connected to their kids, it can seem there aren’t any other age-appropriate options. A kids smartwatch phone is a great alternative for ages 5+ to give kids the features they need while parents get peace of mind knowing their children are safe. A safe cell phone alternative designed for kids, parents love that their kids watch phones will prepare their kids for digital etiquette without the dangers associated with a smartphone. Here are the top habits a kids watch with calling can teach your child to help take on the responsibility of a cell phone when the time comes.

Sense of Responsibility

A kids smartwatch is a great way to teach your child responsibility. With their first everyday tech device, your child will learn the importance of protecting their belongings. Features like 3D Reminders, Alarms, and Timers help teach your child time management as well to take charge of their own schedule. Allowing your child to have ownership over their schedule or remind them to help out with daily chores, a kids watch with calling is a great smartphone alternative to teach great habits. 

Phone Etiquette

Starting off with a kids watch phone with calling is a great way to teach your child the basics of cell phone etiquette. With only the essential features of a smartphone, a kids smartwatch with video calling allows your child to learn interpersonal communication skills, such as tone and manners when having a conversation, along with a healthy balance of when it is appropriate to use your tech device and when it’s not. 

Healthier Relationship With Technology

49% of parents believe their children are addicted to technology. A kids calling watch comes with only the essentials to prioritize family connection and safety without the distractions of a smart device. With no social media, internet access, or games to tempt them to stay on the screen, a kids smartwatch phone helps put parent’s minds at ease that their kids are developing a healthy relationship with technology.

Lifelong Healthy Habits

In addition to keeping your child safe and connected, a kids GPS tracker encourages healthy habits your child can use the rest of their lives. Activity Tracker help encourage your child to learn the importance of outdoor play and physical activity. With 80% of children reporting not getting enough physical activity, a kids exercise watch with a step counter is a seamless way to teach your child the importance of physical health while having fun at the same time.

If you’re looking for a safe way to stay connected with your child, a kids smartwatch phone is the perfect cell phone with training wheels to prepare your child for a successful, healthy relationship with technology. Have questions on how TickTalk 4 can help your family? DM us at @myticktalk and we’ll answer any questions you may have.