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4 Reasons Why a Kids Smartwatch is the Best Holiday Gift This Year My TickTalk

4 Reasons Why a Kids Smartwatch is the Best Holiday Gift This Year

This Black Friday / Cyber Monday, elevate your gift-giving by choosing the TickTalk 4 Kids Smartwatch. Whether you're a parent looking to enhance communication with your child or a gift-giver aiming to provide a meaningful and practical present, TickTalk 4 checks all the boxes. Unwrap the joy of safety, peace of mind and connectivity this holiday season.


Communication and Connection

In a world that's always connected, the TickTalk 4 Kids Smartwatch provides a secure and controlled means of communication. It allows parents to stay connected with their children through calls, voice messages, and even video calls, fostering a sense of closeness, especially during the holiday season.

Safety First

The TickTalk 4 comes equipped with advanced GPS tracking, ensuring that parents can easily locate their children. With the added SOS feature, kids can send instant alerts in case of an emergency, providing both parents and children with peace of mind.

Things-To-Do Reminders

The TickTalk 4 comes equipped with cheerful 3D reminders that will alert your child to keep busy during their holiday break. Set reminders to clean their room, keep up with their reading, or make time to exercise! 

Music, Stories, and Podcasts

Bring some holiday cheer to the party with free streaming music powered by the iHeart Family Radio app. TickTalk is the first children’s smartwatch phone to offer free unlimited streaming of thousands of kid-friendly songs, podcasts and stories at no extra cost.


Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is guaranteed to be the best deal of the year! You can save up to $50 off if you bundle TickTalk 4, Chums, and Power Base. Don't miss your chance to gift this feature-packed kids smartwatch this holiday season.