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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Tech & Fitness Gifts For Your Child

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Tech & Fitness Gifts For Your Child

When it comes to shopping for our kids, it seems that each year there will always be new products that we know nothing about. Our kids, however, seem to stay informed on what’s new and what’s no longer “cool”. The challenge can be finding a balance between tech items that keep the kids on the couch and products that are going to get them up and keep them active.

Here are a few trending gifts that your child will love this holiday season.

Kids Digital Camera

One of the things we enjoy most as parents is to capture the memories of our kids' happy and smiling faces in photos. Now kids can experience the same feeling of being able to revisit special moments through photos. With a Digital Print Camera For Kids, your child will be able to print the images as soon as they capture them, allowing for the memories to live in their room, on a refrigerator or even to be sent as a gift to their grandparents or other family members. This is a gift that will last beyond the holidays, allowing you to gift your child with core memories that can last a lifetime.

Smartwatch For Kids

A kid’s smartwatch may just be the best gift for your child this holiday season. It’s a gift that is long lasting and worth the price. TickTalk 4 is the safest kids’ smartwatch in the industry. With no internet, games or social media, you can keep your child safely connected, while giving you peace of mind. They get to stay organized and active, chat with friends, and much more. You get peace of mind with the robust TickTalk Parent App, which helps ensure your child’s safety. The most common feature used is the built in GPS for location tracking. As a parent, knowing where your child is when they are not with you always puts your mind at ease. If your child is between the ages of 5-12, this kids cell phone alternative may not only be what they want but also what your entire family needs.

Mini Folding Trampoline

Staying on theme with balancing tech and outdoor play, let’s learn more about the Mini Folding Trampoline. It not only helps keep them stay active, it also stimulates motor skills. The best way to help our kids stay healthy and stay active is to encourage physical activity. A mini folding trampoline is fun for your kids, and helps them build important skills they need in order to promote good health. If you have little ones between 2-5 years old, this will be the perfect gift to give.

Dance Mat For Kids

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes we try to find the gifts that will let kids get creative and stay active. A dance mat for kids is a gift that is fun, interactive, promotes exercise and lets them beat those dance battle challenges. In this digital age, we sometimes have to take advantage of the cool gadgets out there that will also benefit our kids.

Holiday shopping can be stressful. It takes time, thought and energy to find the perfect gift. Let this be the guide that brings you peace of mind this holiday season and know that these will be gifts that your child will love, long after the holiday season is over!