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Setup & Activate Your TickTalk 4 For The Holidays My TickTalk

Setup & Activate Your TickTalk 4 For The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, we recommend setting up your TickTalk 4 as soon as you receive. When you receive your TickTalk 4, you'll find a QR code included with your packaging to go to our Setup & Activate page on our website where you can choose to follow our complete step-by-step video guide or watch our quick setup guide to get ready for unwrapping this holiday season.

You can also follow our quick setup guide below to get your TickTalk ready for it's opening moment!

Step 1: Activate Your Red Pocket SIM Card

Activate your Red Pocket SIM card by clicking HERE to setup an account and select your plan (we recommend starting with the $10 per month plan which includes 1000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, and 1GB of data). TickTalk is not compatible with the annual plan and must be on a monthly plan.

You can follow our step-by-step activation guide HERE or find a quick breakdown below:

  • Enter the SIM ICCID # found on the back of your SIM card found in your TickTalk 4 box, select Validate, and register for an account (or sign in to your Red Pocket account if you have an existing account)
  • Select your plan (we recommend starting with the $10 per month plan), enter your billing information, and complete the activation process
  • IMPORTANT: If asked Are you transferring over a phone number?, select No, Give Me A New Number InsteadDO NOT transfer over a phone number or enter your personal cell phone information here as this will transfer your personal cellular plan to Red Pocket.

For any Red Pocket service or activation issues, you can reach out to Red Pocket's Customer Service team here, call 1-888-993-3888, or email

Step 2: Turn Your TickTalk OFF & Insert Your Activated SIM Card

Once you have turned OFF your TickTalk 4 and using the included SIM lid opener, open the back lid. DO NOT remove the white SIM tray foam that is on the SIM tray.

Insert your activated NANO SIM, and completely close the SIM lid to avoid water damage. You can watch our video here for visual instructions on inserting your SIM.

Step 3: Connect To Your Cellular Network

After charging your TickTalk 4 with the included charging cord or Power Base, press and hold the silver button for 3 seconds to turn on your TickTalk 4. Once turned on, swipe the screen up to go to the Status Center to show your carrier’s name, signal bars, and a connection symbol. The connection symbol will illuminate white once your TickTalk 4 connects to your network.

If the connection symbol does not illuminate or says, “No Service,” please make sure your SIM is activated. If your TickTalk says “No SIM,” press and hold the silver button for 3 seconds to turn the watch off. Open the SIM lid, reinsert the SIM card, completely close the SIM lid, and turn your TickTalk 4 back on. You can watch our video here for more information on connecting to your cellular network.

For International Customers: Watch our video here for more information on setting up your APN

Step 4: Download The TickTalk Parental Control App & Setup An Account

Download our TickTalk parental control app by scanning the QR code below or by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and searching for TickTalk.

After you've downloaded the TickTalk app, you’ll need to sign up for an account and select your method for future sign-ins and receiving your verification code. If you select to receive the verification code via text, you will sign into the app with your phone number moving forward and vice versa if you receive the code via email. You can watch our video here for more information on setting up an account.

Step 5: Pair To Your TickTalk & Setup Your Child's Account

Go to the Settings on your watch and scroll down to select Pair. You will see your watch TTID number along with a QR code. In your TickTalk app on your phone, select the contact icon in the upper left hand corner, Add Another TickTalk, and follow the instructions to complete the pairing process. You can watch our video here for more information on pairing to your TickTalk from your TickTalk app.

To setup your child's information, select the avatar icon in the upper left-hand corner of your App and click Edit to enter your child’s information for their TickTalk including profile, avatar image, name, watch phone number, and more. You can watch our video here for more information on setting up your child's account from your TickTalk app.

Step 6: Save Primary, Emergency SOS, & Other Contacts/App Users

In the App, select the Contact icon in the bottom left-hand corner, and once opened, you will see 3 shortcut options at the top: 

  • 2x Shortcut Dialing Icons: Saved as two quick dial icons on the watch interface (great for two parents, a parent + guardian, or whatever fits your family best!)
  • Emergency SOS: The contact your TickTalk will call automatically if the red button on the side of the watch is held for 5 seconds. If you leave the SOS contact blank, the watch will call the first shortcut contact by default.
  • Other Contacts/App Users: Save up to 50 additional parent-approved contacts for your child to connect with!

While you can add any phone number to access voice calling, anyone who wants to use messaging or video calling will need to download the free TickTalk app from the Apple or Android Store and request to be approved by the parent/Admin. This is because we use secure, end-to-end encryption to ensure your child's data stays private and that no unknown numbers or non-approved contacts are communicating with your child.

For more information on setting up contacts, watch our video here. For more information on approving other app users, watch our video here.

Step 7: Enable The Firewall

After setting up your Contacts, it is recommended that you turn on the Firewall immediately. The Firewall will block any unknown or non-approved numbers from calling or messaging the watch directly. To turn on, open your App Settings > Control Center > Firewall and toggle it on so it is green. You can watch our video here for more information on enabling the Firewall from your TickTalk app. 

Your TickTalk is ready for unwrapping!

Congratulations! You've successfully setup your TickTalk 4! Don't forget to watch our other videos to fully understand all the features and functionalities of your TickTalk 4 including:

Have Any Questions? 

Our Support Team is available to help you Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST here!

    We'll be sure to answer your questions as soon as we return. You can also access our full Troubleshooting & FAQ sections with answers to common questions. Thank you again for choosing TickTalk!

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