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5 Ways Technology Has Changed Parenting in Today’s World

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Parenting in Today’s World

If you’re a parent, you know how complicated parenting has become in the last decade. The widespread use of technology has both complicated and simplified various aspects of parenting. Continue reading to learn about how technology has changed parenting in today’s world.

Provides More Resources

Technology has made parenting easier because you can Google almost anything. Even though some corners of the internet have unreliable information, you can still access scientific studies and reliable research at the touch of a finger. This means you can find the resources you need to help with any questions you may have, such as the following:

  • Why is my baby not latching?
  • What snacks are safe for toddlers?
  • Why is my child not speaking?

Stores Unlimited Photos

One of the most wonderful ways technology has changed parenting is by giving parents the ability to capture unlimited memories. Parents no longer need to rely on point-and-shoot cameras or limited photo paper to store memories. Now, they can take unlimited pictures and store them on the cloud—always there for reminiscing.

While many argue this cheapens the value of a photo, it still provides peace of mind for parents as they watch their children grow up.

Offers Endless Entertainment

The internet has provided an endless source of entertainment for everyone, including children. This has helped make parenting easier in a lot of ways, as parents can easily distract and satisfy kids with a movie or game.

However, the effects of excessive screen time are risks many parents are now adapting to by setting time limits for their children’s screen time.

Alters Family Communication

In both positive and negative ways, technology has changed the way families communicate. On the positive side, parents can now contact their children instantly from anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind. If an issue comes up for the child, the parent knows their kid has an effective and quick way of calling for help.

However, the constant presence of technological distractions in the home has also made it harder for families to connect. Screens and videos can get between parents and their children, interrupting intimate family moments like dinner or movie night.

Poses New Risks

An unfortunate way technology has changed parenting is by opening a new avenue of risks that parents must be aware of and monitor for their children. For example, even though endless content on the internet is helpful for parents and children alike, children can easily navigate to risky parts of the internet. Because of this, modern parents are constantly learning and adapting to the risks that technology poses for their children.

Today’s world, full of technology, has changed parenting in many ways. Ultimately, even though technology poses new risks and complications for parents, it has made most aspects easier. At TickTalk Tech, we harness the power of technology while limiting the potential risks with our GPS smartwatches for kids. These watches safely introduce your children to technology and provide you peace of mind.