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Why A Kid’s Smartwatch Is A New Years Must-Have My TickTalk

Why A Kid’s Smartwatch Is A New Years Must-Have

Setting goals and accomplishing achievements is a great way to start the New Year and a great activity to model for our children. A kids smartwatch does more than keep your family safe and connected–kids phone watches also come packed with all the tools to help your child stay on track and keep sight of their goals. Read on to find out how a kid’s smartwatch can help your child tackle 2023!

Be More Responsible

If you’re looking for your child to get more involved with their responsibilities, a kids smartwatch phone is a seamless way to teach time management and task completion. With 3D Reminders on your kids GPS watch, remind your child to pick up their toys or get ready for school. Kids wrist phones come with timers and alarms, to help teach your child time management whether that’s by timing how long to brush their teeth or waking themselves up in the morning.

Teach Focus and Mindfulness

A kids tracking watch helps set your child up for success by giving them the tools to focus distraction-free. With features like Do Not Disturb Class Mode, your child stays on track in the classroom with their kid’s smartwatch, unlike the temptations of a smartphone. Schedule Do Not Disturb times in your parental control app when your child is in class, doing homework, or simply needs to focus. Plus, get peace of mind knowing they can still call you in case of an emergency while all other features are paused.

Encourage A Healthier Lifestyle

Starting the new year with healthier goals as a family? A kids watch with calling is a great way to encourage the entire family to live a healthier lifestyle. Tracking steps and setting daily step goals with your kids GPS smartwatch is a great way to check being more active off your family’s resolution list. You’ll even love that their kids smartwatch can create group chats so the whole family can keep track of everyone’s progress. Your child can even encourage their friends to be more active by competing in the Step Championship when the new year rolls around.

With a kids smartwatch by your child’s side, they’ll be ready to take on 2023 achieving their goals while staying safe and connected! We want to hear how TickTalk 4 has helped your child accomplish their goals, DM us @myticktalk and we just might include it in our next blog. See you next year!