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8 Tips To Keep Your Kids Creatively Occupied Without Screens My TickTalk

8 Tips To Keep Your Kids Creatively Occupied Without Screens

Children are naturally energetic as their bodies and minds develop and grow. Kids with high activity levels may switch from one hobby to the next, while some kids have short attention spans, making it easy to get fidgety, rowdy, and distracted. 

Most parents know how challenging raising an overly energetic child can be, especially when your time is limited and you can’t commit to tending to your kids for long hours. The good news is that there are many ways busy parents can keep their kids entertained without screens! 

Using technology is not the only way to keep your child busy and occupied. In fact, some of the most interesting activities can be done without any screen time. Check out our tips and ideas below to keep your kids creatively occupied.  

Encourage Them To Play Outdoors  

Allowing your kids to explore and love the outdoors is an important part of their childhood. Kids need to discover as many things as possible, and they can do this when they see things they don’t normally see. Some parents worry about their children’s safety, but one great idea is to bring them to a nearby park or explore the neighborhood while wearing a children’s smartwatch!  

Kids' smartwatches can be used in numerous ways. Whether you need to track them or they go somewhere far from you, your kid's smartwatch phone can instantly show you their location for peace of mind. Smartwatches for kids are a must-have for families today! With a kids-tracking watch, you can encourage them to play with other kids and motivate them to be more active. By doing so, they can use up their bundle of energy and build more muscles, strengthen their bones, and make meaningful friendships.  

Do Arts And Crafts 

Kids need to learn and improve their sense of imagination and creativity. Your kids can achieve this by motivating them to get involved in arts and crafts. Check out some doable and fun activities below: 

Diamond Painting Kits

One of the most famous art activities for children right now is diamond painting. This hobby can help kids develop their focus and concentration skills. You can purchase many art kits like the painting kits at Dreamer Designs and keep your kids busy as they complete this painting activity. Not only is it fun, but it also kills time while improving their motor skills.  


If your kids love to doodle and draw, get them a sketching pad and a set of sketching pencils. One unique way to challenge and motivate them into sketching is to present a figure in front of them and encourage them to sketch their own version of it. It can be a toy, a stuffed animal, or a cartoon character. This is a great way to develop their concentration and creativity!  

Cardboard Construction 

One of the best arts and crafts materials for your kids to play and explore is cardboard. They can construct anything using them. You can recycle container cardboard at home and give them scissors and glue to create different figures. If you want to elevate fun with this activity, you can also provide them with crayons and watercolors to make the cardboard invention come to life. 

Paper Mache Sculpting 

Perfect for elementary children, one artistic way to keep them busy is to involve them in a paper- mâché sculpting activity. Some of the art materials you need for this project are old newspapers, paintbrushes, glue, and paint or varnish. You can spend time with your kids while doing this art project and leave it to them to finish painting or coloring the final sculpture.  

Do A Treasure Hunt  

Kids love exciting games, and treasure hunting is one way to keep them busy and excited. You can set this up by hiding some treasures inside your home. They can be actual money, goodies, toys, or other kinds of “treasures” that appeal to your child. Set out rules and a deadline, and give out clues. Make sure to hide the treasures somewhere hard to locate, so they can take more time to find them. After all, they want an extra challenge, and you need to keep them preoccupied for a long time!   

Teach Them To Bake  

Children can enjoy baking if they are old enough and as your child becomes a toddler, they can easily assist you with your baking activity. This is an efficient and fun way to spend time together as a family. If your kids are older, they can learn to bake more seriously or on their own.  

Assist them with preparing ingredients and teach them the right ways to bake. This is a creative and enjoyable way to bond with parents and kids. Let your kids decide on the shape or color of the baked goodies they want to make then enjoy your yummy creation together.   

Build An Indoor Tent Or Fort  

Kids are naturally imaginative and creative. Encourage them to build a fort or an indoor tent using different materials they can find in the room. Allow them to use blankets, pillows, boxes, and toys to create an indoor playhouse. Make them feel like they’re really in a different place by having them play a roleplaying game. Let them turn into their favorite movie or cartoon characters, and they’ll have lots of fun. 

Encourage Them To Write Or Keep A Journal  

Kids can express themselves through journaling. You can use this to make your children busy and preoccupied. Encourage them to write and keep a journal. This allows them to understand themselves and helps them get in touch with their thoughts and feelings. It can be kept private or shared with you. You can share similar stories and experiences that relate to how they feel as a great bonding exercise. 

Give Them A Chore  

Assign your kids with a chore, but make it seem like it’s something that you trust them with. By entrusting them with an important task, you will show your kids the importance of having ownership over a task. At the same time, it’s important training for them to develop their sense of responsibility at home. You can even set a Reminder on your kid’s smartwatch to teach them time management and task completion while they complete their chore of choice!

Use A Game Box  

Lastly, if your kids love to do many things all at once, it’s a wonderful idea to provide them with a game box. This box should contain their favorite games and toys and can include board games, coloring books, puzzles, action figures, dolls, trains, and other fun puzzles. This box can hold their attention for a long time as they tinker and play with whatever they feel like playing.

Kids love to participate in fun activities and develop their skills, but they can easily get bored and shift from one activity to another. With the suggestions in this article, you can keep them entertained while developing their creativity and being off the screens. The key is providing them with the right tools and resources to have fun and look back to happy memories when they become adults!