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3 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month My TickTalk

3 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month–a time to honor, celebrate, and support historic figures both past and present. Instead of limiting our support to one month, we want to find ways to support communities of color throughout the year. Here are 3 ways to celebrate Black history beyond the month of February and model the importance of diversity and inclusion for our children.

Support Black Owned Businesses

One way to support diversity throughout the year is by actively shopping with more Black owned businesses. From haircare, soap, food markets, clothes, and even banks, there are tons of amazing Black owned businesses that have everything from everyday essentials to one-of-a-kind speciality items! A quick Google search or Instagram hashtag explore can help you find amazing businesses to support.

Donating Your Time

When it comes to giving back, it’s not just about money. While organizations benefit from financial donations, many amazing groups also need in-person volunteers. If you’re in a position to donate your time by helping out within your local community, that’s a win! Local schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and non-profits like Black Girls CODE, which is dedicated to empowering young girls and closing the racial and gender gap in tech, are great organizations making a tangible difference in various communities. Black Girls CODE, for example, is building pathways for young women of color with training in web, game, mobile, app, and robotics design to explore careers in tech and empower their futures. 

Share With Your Peers

When we do good things, we want to share them, whether on social media or with a close friend. When supporting a great cause, whether that be donating your time or shopping with Black owned businesses, are all things you should be proud of sharing! Not for recognition, but rather to spread awareness within your own community. You sharing your journey and path in supporting the Black community could inspire and bring awareness to others!

Many of us were introduced to Black History Month in grade school and have continued celebrating as we grow into adulthood. Showing our kids the impact our choices can make can stick with them for years to come. Now, it's time to reimagine what our country could look like if we adopt supporting black and brown communities in our every day lives, changing our lifestyles to become our new norm.