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DDOS attack caused TickTalk Server down notification

DDOS attack caused TickTalk Server down notification

Dear TickTalk Users,

We need to inform all of you that 6 hours ago our App was compromised. The anonymous hackers issued a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack to receive a large number of computing requests from our server which caused the server's CPU to be overloaded and the App to crash.

We have proactively began reconstructing the availability of all services. You should have full access to your App at this time. You can be rest assured that none of your personal data was accessed. This is considered an external attack, they cannot enter our internal system, your personal data is highly secured.

Our technicians have fixed the issue and have put extra safety measures in place to prevent this from happening again. We apologize for the inconvenience and any mistrust that this may have caused.

We just wanted to proactively be transparent about why the App crashed earlier today.


TickTalk Technical Support Team

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