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Our 2nd Batch of TickTalk 3’s Are On The Way!

Our 2nd Batch of TickTalk 3’s Are On The Way!

With all your support and comments (both positive and negative) we have been working hard on making the TickTalk 3 a better smart watch phone for your child. With such a newly designed high tech product we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% bug free, but we will work tirelessly to update the hardware and software to solve all these issues by listening to all our customers feedback.

We understand that the main reason you trust the TickTalk brand is because we have provided you with a way to stay connected with your child. Communication and Safety is so important, especially when it comes to your child. This is why we will continue to release updates to the software and the App to get you the best kids’ smart watch phone.

Since our first shipment was released we have had 11 updates to the TickTalk 3 operating system (TOS) and 12 updates for the TickTalk 3 App for both iOS and Android devices combined. We will continue to listen to your feedback and work on solutions. We have taken note on additional features that you have suggested, so you may see some of them in future updates.

Parents know that being able to reach their child at all times without the fear of losing or damaging an expensive cell phone is such a nice addition to their family line of communication.

We want all families to...Keep Connected With The Ones You Love.