Do Not Get Your TickTalk 2 Too Wet!

June 19, 2018

Do Not Get Your TickTalk 2 Too Wet!

Last post we focused on how to deal with yucky summer sweat and keeping your TickTalk 2 clean and properly charged. We wanted to follow up with a reminder to parents and especially the TickTalk 2 users, because of course, they are the most most important ones to focus on, that with the summer fun water activities you must remember DO NOT GET YOUR TICKTALK 2 TOO WET!

It is okay to wash your hands, but you want to avoid wearing your TickTalk 2 during all those water balloon and water gun fights, slip ‘n’ slides, and definitely do not wear your TickTalk 2 in the pool!

So please parents, remind your kiddos to take off their TickTalk 2 before playing any water games or before getting into a pool. We would hate for their smartwatch to get water damage right when the summer fun begins.

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