How Summer Sweat and Fun Can Prevent Your TickTalk 2 From Charging

Summer is finally here! Kids everywhere are looking forward to fun activities to fill up those long, hot days. If your child owns a TickTalk 2 you can bet that they will sweat and get the watch a little dirty from time to time. We have seen this happen quite often, in fact.

Dirt and grime from sweaty wrists get into the connectors of the watch charging plate and this could prevent the watch from making contact with the charging port. When this happens the smartwatch will not be able to charge. Many of our customers believe their watch is defective, but usually this is an easy fix.

We suggest you use alcohol and Q-tips to solve this problem. Simply place a small amount of alcohol on the swab and wipe the connector on your TickTalk 2 clean and while your at it, do the same thing to the charging port. The alcohol will dry quicker than water and you will not take the risk of getting excess water onto the watch.

Remember: Do not place too much liquid on the TickTalk 2 or you could risk damaging it.