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Founder Q&A: Giving Back To Families In Need This Thanksgiving My TickTalk

Founder Q&A: Giving Back To Families In Need This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of family, gratitude, and giving back. When we began discussing TickTalk Gives and what causes we wanted to focus on first, we knew exactly what we wanted to do for next. This November, we’re inviting customers to add a donation to their orders, which we'll match, to go to the Los Angeles Mission Homeless Shelter to give warm Thanksgiving meals to some of the 64,000 men, women, and children battling homelessness in the L.A. area.

Today, we sat down with TickTalk Co-Founder and CEO, Ying Gong, to talk about giving back, showing gratitude, and how we hope to make a difference for families this Thanksgiving. 

Why were you interested in donating warm Thanksgiving meals to the LA Mission?

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that celebrates family and encourages gratitude. For many families though, having a warm, hearty meal isn’t possible. We hope that by donating Thanksgiving dinners, we can give families a renewed sense of hope and community to know we support them. 

Los Angeles last reported almost 64,000 people experiencing homelessness. Why is giving back to these families important to you?

I’ve seen more displaced families and rising homelessness in the post-pandemic era. On any given day, 161,000 people are experiencing homelessness in California, with a quarter experiencing chronic homelessness. As a resident of California and a California business, I hope we can contribute to the community to provide resources and donations to help individuals battling homelessness find shelter, happiness, and get through this difficult period.

Explaining homelessness to our children can be difficult. How did you explain it to your daughter?

Homelessness has become a huge social issue and it’s something I’m consistently educating myself on to discuss with my daughter. Talking to our kids about such profound social issues can be difficult and I recommend watching the Netflix documentary, “Lead Me Home.” It looks at homelessness in America and gives children a deep understanding of the causes, impacts, and social issues as a result. It’s a great resource for starting a parent-child dialogue while also helping children establish a sense of social responsibility. 

What would you say to those who want to give back, but may not have much to give?

There are so many benefits to giving back, regardless of how much you can donate. The important thing is that even a little can help someone in need. Giving back not only helps others, but inspires those around you to give back, introduces our children to generosity, and makes an impact. One affordable way to give back is to donate canned goods or nonperishables you already own. It not only helps families in need in your community, but also reduces waste and helps the environment. Feeding America has a great resource for finding local food banks and pantries in your neighborhood.

Shop today and select add a donation at checkout to give back this Thanksgiving!