Give Your Child The Gift of Safety

Holiday season is a wonderful time of the year to spread joy, love and to give to those you care about. When it comes to children however, during Christmas time, parents focus on what their children want more than what they need. Having a balance between the two is ideal for parents, as giving them educational products (i.e books, Kindle/iPad learning games) and necessities that they need, help children learn even when they’re not in school.

Our newest model of the kids GPS bracelet, now includes a useful function called “Things To Do”. This feature has 50+ things to do reminders, helps parents create routines and tasks for their child to complete. This function will aid children in learning good habits and practice good time management. Not only does the TickTalk 2.0 wearable GPS instill productivity in children, but it doesn’t look too bad either! This newest model has a sleeker design, a larger and clearer display screen and it now comes in a hot, candy yellow color option; a great unisex color by the way. The locator inside the TickTalk 2.0 is more accurate as well. It has a new built in positioning chip and the locating speed is 3 times faster than the 1.0 model. For families with more than one child, adding multiple TickTalk kids phones is a breeze. The new TickTalk 2 App allows parents to add and track multiple watches under the same account.

Spread the joy and gift your child fashionable safety this holiday. They’ll be safe and ready to take on the New Year!