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How To Prepare Your Child For Back To School My TickTalk

How To Prepare Your Child For Back To School

A new school year is here and we’re sure your little ones are both excited and nervous to get back in the classroom. While school is a great place for our children to learn and grow, it’s important they learn the tools to succeed at home as well. We’re sharing our tips on how to set them up for success this school year (and many more to come)!

Good Night's Sleep

It’s no secret that a good night of rest can do wonders for our health. As more kids get smart devices every day, they may be preventing your child from getting quality sleep. More than 70% of kids between ages 6-17 sleep with at least one electronic device in their bedroom. Screen time has been shown to cause 1 less hour of sleep per night, leaving our kids tired and groggy, and can even worsen ADHD, depression, and anxiety symptoms. Meanwhile, a pre-cell phone limits distractions, giving kids only the positive features of a smartphone, and allowing our children to focus at school. Kids smartwatches don’t have games, internet, or social media, teaching them to have a healthier relationship with screens. Some kids smart watch phones even have timers and alarms to allow your child to wake up on time and be ready for the day!

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition has been shown to increase productivity and is positively associated with higher grades, better class performance, and even helps cognitive abilities. A kids wrist phone helps encourage a healthier lifestyle with both custom and 3D Reminders, giving them a gentle reminder to nourish their body and brain by drinking water, taking vitamins, or stopping for a midday snack. You’ll get peace of mind knowing they have a device that not only keeps them safe, but encourages a healthier mind and body.

Encourage Physical Activity

Like a healthy diet, physical activity has been linked to better grades and cognitive ability, stronger bones, as well as improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. More physical activity even helps lower their risk of type 2 diabetes, which has increased 95% in kids in the U.S. between 2001 and 2017. Kids watch phones encourage our kids to live a healthier lifestyle by allowing parents to set daily step goals to be more active. Our kids smartwatches even include a Step Championship where your child and their TickTalk friends can compete for the most steps to win the bronze, silver, and gold medal, promoting a healthier lifestyle outside of recess and P.E.

Start A Routine

Establishing a routine not only helps reduce the morning craziness, but also gives our kids the tools to ace the new school year. Children with a set routine outside of school have been shown to have higher self-regulation skills and enhanced building blocks for better mental health. These skills can help them both in and out of the classroom by giving them the tools to regulate their emotions, allowing them to not feel overwhelmed. A great way to set up a routine in your home is by having your child participate in family tasks, like feeding the dog or putting the dishes away, so they can learn independence (and help lessen the load 😉). A kids phone watch is an excellent way to give them the tools to succeed with features like 3D Reminders–with fun icons for any age to understand, your little one can start learning time management and organization skills in time for back to school! 

Stay connected to your child and give them the building blocks to succeed this school year with a safe pre-cell phone. Have any great tips you want to share? DM us @myticktalk and we may just include your #lifehack!