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5 Reasons a Kids Smartwatch is a Back To School Essential My TickTalk

5 Reasons a Kids Smartwatch is a Back To School Essential

As soon as our kids enter kindergarten, some of their peers already have cell phones, starting a very long and arduous negotiation of if they are ready or not. While smartphones have made our lives better in so many ways (remember Thomas Guides?), they aren’t designed for kids and can do more harm than good. 

The good news? A smart phone watch for kids is a great alternative to a cell phone that allows you and your child to stay connected, get peace of mind, and allow them to have a healthier relationship with screens at the same time. Read on to find out why a kids smart watch phone is a back-to-school essential for your family!

Stay Connected When You’re Apart 

Being able to call, message, and even see your child anytime, anywhere is one of the best parts about a smartwatch for kids. Whether it’s sharing accomplishments in real-time (like a picture of their A+ on their test), a midday check-in in-between conference calls, or being able to call you if they got on the wrong bus or want to head to a friend’s house after school, kids wrist phones check all the boxes to keep your family safely connected. 

Get Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Child Is Safe 

With GPS location tracking, Emergency SOS contacts, 911 response, and tons of parental controls, a kids tracking watch gives you peace of mind knowing your child is safe. Parents can even see their child’s past locations using History Route–a great feature if your child likes to go places or switch locations unannounced. Unlike cell phones, parents or guardians can enable a secure firewall to block unknown contacts or strangers from messaging or calling your child, allowing only parent-approved contacts to get through. Hello safe connection, goodbye worrying!

Promote A Healthier Relationship With Screens

Our kids won’t know a time without technology involved in every aspect of their lives 🤯, making a tech-IRL balance important. Our children have an intuitive nature when it comes to technology (hand them a device and they somehow figure it out 10x faster than we can), but we also want to prioritize the beauty of living in the non-digital world. With a kids phone watch, they get the best parts of technology to stay connected and safe, without having to deal with the negatives like screen time, social media, internet dangers, or cyberbullying. 

They Get Freedom While Learning Responsibility

Deciding to give your child an everyday tech device is a big step. Will they lose it? Are they going to take care of it? Luckily, a childrens smart watch stays attached to their wrist and is tested by kids to withstand the inevitable bumps, drops, spills, and unidentified sticky substances, making it a safer investment than a smartphone for kids. With a kids GPS watch, they get more freedom to be kids, while also learning responsibility and respecting the value of their belongings.

Allows Them To Focus & Manage Their Time Better

Instead of having to worry about them playing endless hours of games or falling down a TikTok rabbit hole, a phone watch for kids limits distractions to help your child learn lifelong healthy habits. With features like 3D Reminders and Do Not Disturb Class Mode, your child learns to prioritize their studies to allow more free time to be, well, kids. Hate having to remind them again to pack their backpack the night before school? 🙋‍♀️ Set a Reminder from your parent app to take care of the reminding (and save yourself a headache).

This school year, stay connected, stay safe, and most of all, get peace of mind with a kids smartwatch phone! Have any questions? DM us @myticktalk and we’d be happy to answer any questions!