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5 Great Habits Kids Smartwatches Can Teach Your Child My TickTalk

5 Great Habits Kids Smartwatches Can Teach Your Child

Learning world history, long division, and classic literature is important, but we also want our kids to learn life skills this school year that will set them up for success for years to come. Here’s how a kid’s smartwatch phone will help your child get the most out of their school year and develop great habits!

Time Management 

The effects of pressure on students are well-documented with higher stress levels, sleep deprivation, depression, headaches, and a decrease in overall life enjoyment. With school, homework, and extracurriculars taking up a significant amount of our kiddo’s time, time management helps them maximize their free time to stress less. With Do Not Disturb Class Mode, kids tracking watches can help keep your child focused on the task at hand to get their responsibilities taken care of and give them more time to be a kid.

Being On Time 

While we don’t want our kids to feel anchored by timelines and responsibilities, we do want them to learn to be punctual to their commitments. Showing up on time for school, practice, and family outings is not only considerate, but also a sign of respect for their friends, teachers, and family’s time. Our favorite #lifehack? Set Timers and Alarms on your kids wrist phone to keep them on time and learn the importance of respecting other people’s time.


Teaching our kids to take responsibility in every facet of their life helps to set them up for success and feel in control of their own lives. While most of our kids aren’t ready for a cell phone (even if they think differently), a phone watch for kids is a great alternative that gives them a safe cell phone, while also teaching them responsibility with an everyday device. By staying attached to their wrist, they’re less likely to lose it (great if your child loses EVERYTHING 🙋), all while learning the importance of protecting their belongings. Having to remember to charge, clean, and make sure their kids tracking watch is put somewhere safe when they do take it off are just some of the ways they learn to appreciate the value of taking responsibility. 


Organization allows our children to create order out of messiness and helps other great habits, like timeliness, responsibility, and punctuality, fall into place. Staying organized helps them know where their homework is, keep track of their backpack, be on time for class, focused for school, and so much more. With features like Reminders, a kids phone watch helps kids prioritize responsibilities to stay organized throughout their education and professional lives. Our favorite #lifehack: organize, focus, get it done!

Stepping Away from the Screens

Screens aren’t inherently bad--but they are everywhere. Spending too much time on screens has been linked to poor sleep, bad grades, and higher risks of obesity and depression. On kids activity tracking watches, you can set Daily Step Goals to make staying active fun and encourage your little one to get outside. Some children's smart watches even gamify being healthy with features like Step Championships to not only encourage your child but also their friends, to live healthier, more active lifestyles.

Family connection, child safety, teaching kids great habits, and more, a kids smartwatch phone should be at the top of your back-to-school checklist. Have any questions? DM us @myticktalk and we’d be happy to help you ace back-to-school!