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5 Ways Kids Smartwatches Will Improve Your Life This School Year My TickTalk

5 Ways Kids Smartwatches Will Improve Your Life This School Year

Sending our children to school is both a relief and nerve-wracking at the same time. We love watching them learn, make friends, and grow into little human beings--while simultaneously being at our most vulnerable letting them out into the world alone. That’s where a kids smartwatch phone comes in! 

They Get The Freedom They Need, While You Get Peace Of Mind

Our babies have to leave the nest eventually, but that doesn’t make it any less hard to let go. With a kids smart phone watch, you get the best of both worlds. You and your child can stay safely connected with a safe cell phone alternative with calling, video calling, and messaging. Once you’ve added your child’s approved contacts, turn on our secure Firewall to block any unknown numbers from contacting your child--a feature that makes a kids tracking watch different from a regular smartphone! 

Your Family Can Worry Less & Connect More

The best part about a kids phone watch is that it gives you all the positives of a smartphone without any of the dangers. Want to make sure your child made the bus on time? Open up the free TickTalk parent app and send a message directly to their kids wrist phone so they can let you know they are safe. Did your little one get an A+ on their test and can’t wait to tell you? They can instantly send a photo of their grade from their kids phone watch in a group chat with the whole family to share the good news--all without exposing them to any social media, games, or inappropriate online content. 

Know They’re Safe When You’re Apart

We all know the sinking feeling when we can’t get ahold of our children. With a phone watch for kids, you can know your child is safe 24/7 and get rid of that sick-to-the-stomach feeling. A kids tracking watch allows you to check their location instantly in our free TickTalk parent app and even allows you to see their past locations. With Emergency SOS auto-dial contacts and 911 emergency response, a smartwatch for kids also gives your child a way to call for help should they need it. 

Teach Great Habits That Last A Lifetime

Most of our kids aren’t ready for a cell phone, despite what they think! A children’s smartwatch is a great introductory cell phone to teach them responsibility with an everyday device that's also attached to their wrist (because we know how kids have a knack for losing things). Teach them time management and task completion with custom and 3D Reminders reminding them to do their homework, organize their backpack, and catch the school bus. Help your child focus by setting Do Not Disturb times during class to turn their kids smart watch into a simple wristwatch to limit distractions.

Remember Their Childhood Forever With Photos & Videos

Your child can create memories that will last a lifetime directly from their GPS tracking watch for kids on their Selfie and Snapshot cameras! Your child can take photos of their best friends, the class pet, teachers, and everything in-between to share instantly with you and other parent-approved contacts in individual messages and group chats. Parents can even print out the photos from your child’s 5-megapixel cameras on their kids camera watch to create scrapbooks to cherish forever!

Family connection, child safety, teaching kids great habits, and more, a kids smartwatch phone should be at the top of your back-to-school checklist. Have any questions? DM us @myticktalk and we’d be happy to help!