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New FaceTalk Features Are Ready For You!

New FaceTalk Features Are Ready For You!

One of the most buzzworthy new features on the TickTalk 3 is FaceTalk. It allows your child to video chat with friends and family if they are using the TickTalk 3 App. So cool, right?!

Many of you were asking our customer service reps how much data the video calling will use up if you get a limited plan or if there was a way to block your child from using the FaceTalk feature all together. So, we brought this up to our engineers and they added a new feature in the App just to help solve these issues.

Now through the TickTalk 3 App you can set it up so that this feature will only be available when connected to WiFi or you can disable it completely if you do not want your child to use FaceTalk at all.

Our original design did not include these features but our goal is to optimize and improve the user experience in every way possible. This is why we want all our customers to continue to offer feedback and suggestions. If our engineers can code for it we will definitely work on those continual improvements.

You can always count on TickTalk to always work on improving our customer service, hardware and software so that our TickTalk’s are the most advanced kids smart watch available.