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The TickTalk 3 Stands Out From the Rest

The TickTalk 3 Stands Out From the Rest

Our team here at TickTalk loves to hear your feedback. Not only do we want to make sure that you get the product you have come to enjoy and expect from TickTalk, but we actually learn from all of you!

Many times we are asked what makes the TickTalk stand out from the rest so are writing this post to help clear up a few things. We have done our homework and can give our expert opinion on this question. It is our opinion so, please do your own research.

The Apple 3 watch does not have a locator, picture taking abilities, making it ideal for adults but not for children.

The new LG Gizmo watch has a bulky design, and too big for really young kids, making it uncomfortable to wear. Many of the features have fallen behind the latest technologies, it doesn’t come with a camera or group chat feature, so kids are not able to share those memorable moments with family and friends.

The DokiWatch seemed very promising and created quite a buzz in this market, but unfortunately the watch fell short of the high expectations. According to PC Magazine website, the features were not always reliable and had many bugs that still needed to get worked out.

Many of the watches that tout 4G service on Amazon are typically sourced from China wholesale and not designed for the US market, also lacking in US based customer support. We understand how frustrating not being able to reach support may be for the buyers of these watches. The frequency bands used most of the times are not compatible with US carriers making the reception spotty at best. Not to mention the App that comes with the watch. The user interface is often poorly designed and complicated to use.

In comparison, the TickTalk 3 works with Universal bands making it compatible with almost any carrier around the world, with a particular focus on all US carriers. As you can imagine, antennas have always been the hardest part to optimize in the mobile phone industry. Kids watch phones have a much smaller area to work with than a regular smart phone which makes it more difficult to develop or produce a proper antenna. Our engineering team has optimized the antenna reception several times on the TickTalk 3. For better antenna reception, we laser engraved the antenna outside the watch case, so the reception is much better than any other products in the market.

We are open to all comments and suggestions. This is what drives us to keep improving our hardware, software and customer service. Please feel free to reach us by email or a phone call. We will do our best to assist with any tech support or general questions.

We are currently doing some final testing and improvements during the mass production of the TickTalk 3. To ensure the best quality and service to all TickTalk 3 users, we only have a limited quantity to ship before Christmas. It’s now available on our official site with a discount price. Don’t miss your last chance to get one before Christmas!


The TickTalk Team

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