Stay Safe Trick-or-Treating this Halloween!

October 31, 2018

Stay Safe Trick-or-Treating this Halloween!

We here at TickTalk strive to keep your most precious gifts safe. But do you know Halloween can be a deadly holiday for its core constituents, a new study finds. The analysis of 42 years of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration car-versus-pedestrian fatality data discovered that children aged 4 to 8 face a tenfold increase in the risk of vehicular death while trick-or-treating on Halloween night compared with similar evenings on either side of Oct. 31.

As many of us send our little tick or treaters out tonight all dressed up please make sure they have their TickTalk's on. We know it's easy, especially in the dark and the excitement of the night to easily loose track of our little ones. We hope everyone has a safe and fun filled night.

Also don't forget the TickTalk 3 is still going on for pre sale, it's the best Christmas gift for your child and peace of mind for parents! 

Happy Halloween TickTalk users!

TickTalk Support Team

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