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Promoting Your Kids’ Health and Safety Through Technology My TickTalk

Promoting Your Kids’ Health and Safety Through Technology

By: Rosy Johns

Parenting in today’s digitally connected world comes with its own set of challenges. For one, there are valid concerns about children’s increased use of technology and social media, and how it affects their physical and mental health.

However, the Pew Research Center’s poll on U.S. parents’ attitudes toward technology shows that there is still a small share (7%) of parents who find parenting easier in the digital age. Aside from the broad range and accessibility of resources on the Internet, digital technology allows parents to monitor and keep track of their children’s daily activities in school and at home.

This implies that parents do not have to withhold the use of technology altogether. Since these devices are not going anywhere anytime soon, the key is knowing which technology to use and how to use effectively to promote your kids’ health and safety.

Staying connected with your kids

According to a national survey by Common Sense Media, more than half (53%) of American kids own a smartphone by the age 11. While a phone is unavoidable given the many uses of these devices today, be careful to pick a phone with the features your kids need.

Fortunately, you can choose among several safe smartphone alternatives with functionalities appropriate for your child’s age. Take the TickTalk 4, a pre-cell phone for kids aged 5-12. This advanced smartwatch phone has in-app messaging, voice/video calling capabilities, and real-time location tracking for a 24/7 connection. It also comes with a parental control app so you can review requests from unknown contacts and limit other people’s access to your child’s location, settings, and other activities.

Tightening up home security

Whether it’s because of work or errands, it can be difficult for you to leave your children at home or under someone else’s care. Wi-Fi-enabled indoor security cameras can bring you peace of mind by providing a live feed of what your kids are doing and what’s happening back home.

Aside from deciding on strategic placements for any security cameras, you should also consider advanced features like cloud storage options, motion recognition, and specific alerts. Such features guarantee continuous recording and enable them to notify you about emergencies or break-ins in real-time.

Cultivating children’s mental health

Beyond physical safety and security, you must also pay attention to your kids’ mental health. This is important: the American Psychological Association notes an ongoing mental health crisis among kids, with more and more kids experiencing social isolation and loneliness. Raising pets is one way you can try providing more comfort and companionship to your kids. However, many parents are usually wary of the additional responsibilities and safety concerns involved in long-term animal care.

The numerous benefits of robot pets can address these problems. Robot pets come in various animal models for kids to choose from. They can even do tricks and play with children without needing to be trained. These pets can help develop kids’ social skills and emotional wellness without the hassle of their regular counterparts, making them a great way to boost the companionship kids seek both at home and with their peers in the outside world.

Encouraging physical activity

You may also be concerned about the effects of increased screen time on your children’s desire and ability to do physical activities, but technology itself can be used to counteract sedentary behaviors and motivate children to go outside and exercise.

As with all things in life, technology-centered around kids’ health and safety should be used in moderation to minimize risks and maximize the numerous rewards. To start, be sure to research digital technologies’ features and policies first so you don’t compromise your and your family’s privacy in the process. 

Ultimately, there are many ways for us to help cultivate and build a healthy foundation for our kids that is both beneficial mentally and physically in this new digital age of parenting. DM us @myticktalk for more tips on digital parenting!