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Founder Q&A: The Importance Of Earth Day My TickTalk

Founder Q&A: The Importance Of Earth Day

We believe in making the world a better place for our children. In honor of Earth Day, we’ll be planting 6 trees for every TickTalk 4 purchase for the entire month of April. By planting trees, we hope to create a better world for our children by planting trees where they are needed most to promote biodiversity and revive natural habitats.

We sat down with TickTalk’s co-founder and CEO, Ying Gong, to talk about the importance of protecting our planet and Earth Day. 

Why did you choose to donate a portion of every order to plant trees?

Trees play a vital role in our ecosystem, providing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, and supporting countless species of plants and animals. I believe that supporting reforestation efforts is an excellent way to give back to the planet and foster a sense of environmental stewardship among our young TickTalk users and their families. April celebrates Earth Day, making it the perfect month to focus on environmental conservation.

Why do you think it’s important to educate children about protecting the planet?

Our children are the future stewards of our environment. By teaching them about the importance of conservation and the role they can play in preserving the Earth, we're empowering them to make informed choices and contribute positively to the world around them. Developing a deep understanding and appreciation for the planet will encourage the next generation to create innovative solutions to environmental challenges and work together to build a more sustainable future.

How are you teaching your daughter to protect the planet?

As a mother, I’ve always taught my daughter to protect the planet in a variety of ways. We practice recycling and composting at home, as well as conserving water and energy. I encourage her to learn about the environment and engage in discussions about the importance of preserving our natural resources. Additionally, we participate in community events like tree planting and street cleanups, which not only help the environment but also teach her the value of collaboration and community involvement in addressing environmental issues.

How are you planning on celebrating Earth Day?

To celebrate Earth Day, we're planning a range of activities at TickTalk, both for our employees and customers. We'll be organizing a recycling drive, encouraging staff and their families to collect and bring in used bottles and cans from their homes and communities. This will not only help reduce waste, but also raise awareness about the importance of recycling and the positive impact it can have on the environment. Additionally, we'll be hosting an online campaign to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and encourage our customers to share their Earth Day commitments on social media.

We’re so excited to be dedicating a portion of all proceeds this April to help plant trees where they are needed most. To help make a difference, shop TickTalk’s website and for every TickTalk 4 order, we’ll automatically plant 6 trees per order at the end of the month. Have an idea for our next TickTalk Gives Back campaign? DM us @myticktalk!