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What Safety Features Does TickTalk Have? My TickTalk

What Safety Features Does TickTalk Have?

The best part about TickTalk is you get all the positives of a smartphone without having to deal with social media, screen time, and unlimited internet access. As parents, we know how big of an impact technology has on our kids which is why we aim to give you the safest, no-strings-attached, pre-cell phone for your child. So what safety features come packed in when you choose a TickTalk smartwatch?

No Internet. No Games. No Social Media.

When looking at a smartphone for your child, it has all the features you need like calling, messaging, and even video calling, but also includes all the features they aren’t ready for yet (plus at an expensive price tag). Our kids phone watches come packed with all the features they need and none of the ones they don’t. You get the peace of mind you’ve been looking for, without having to deal with the pitfalls.

Full Parental Control App

Our children’s smartwatches are designed to be a cell phone with training wheels. Your child gets everything they need to stay connected to family and friends, while you get to stay in the driver’s seat with our parental control app. Our TickTalk 4 kids wrist phones are designed by parents, for kids, with family in mind. 

Approve Your Child’s Contacts

With TickTalk 4, you don’t have to worry about who your child is communicating with. Parents can add up to 53 trusted contacts and even set individual access levels for every single one. Want one contact to be able to view your child’s location and another just messaging? With Full Access or Limited Access contacts, you get to decide who sees what. You’ll also receive a notification anytime your child adds a TickTalk friend, someone they know who also has a TickTalk smartwatch, to keep you in the loop at all times.

Location Tracking

Knowing our kids are safe when we’re apart is always in the back of our minds. With a kids tracking watch, you can always know they’re safe by simply opening your TickTalk parent app. Your home screen will update automatically to show your child’s current location within seconds and can even see their past locations with History Routes. If you’re anything like this writer (Hello, fellow anxious parents! 👋), getting that immediate peace of mind is worth every penny.

Block Unknown Numbers

When you give your child a smartphone, you have no idea who’s contacting them. With our secure Firewall, you can block any strangers or unknown numbers to only allow parent-approved contacts through. 

Emergency SOS Contact

Sometimes your child needs to call you instantly–emergencies, last-minute changes, or just to hear your voice. In our parent app, you can save your phone number as their Emergency SOS contact, allowing them to call you immediately by holding the red button on the side of their phone watch for kids. Giving both you and your child peace of mind.

911 Emergency Response

Sending our babies into the world every day is the most vulnerable thing we do. While we hope they’ll never have to deal with an emergency situation, things can change in a second, which is why we added 911 response to our kids emergency watches to allow your child to call for help immediately. Have a young child who isn’t ready for the responsibility of having that feature? Simply disable it from our parent app until they are.

COPPA Certified

We are one of a select few kids smartwatches to be fully certified by an FTC-approved Safe Harbor Program in line with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). What does that mean? It means we protect your child’s personal information at the highest level to ensure your child’s information–including their name, age, location, photos, messages, and data–stays private. Both our smartwatches and our parent app went through extensive testing and auditing to ensure there are no loopholes that would put your child’s private information at risk.

No Security Loopholes

Every piece of software on our smartwatches and parent app is custom designed by our internal Research & Development Team to protect both you and your child’s information at the highest level. Many brands of kids smartwatch phones use generic parental control apps, which come with lacking security, leaving you and your child’s private information vulnerable–which when you’re dealing with someone knowing your child’s location without your permission, is scary. 

Created by parents who know what it’s like to parent in the digital age, we know how big of a decision it is to give your child their first (non) cell phone. This is why we’ve tried to think of every safety feature to give your whole family the peace of mind you deserve. Have a question or want to learn more? Contact us or follow us @myticktalk