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4 Ways A Kid’s Smartwatch Will Give You Peace Of Mind This Fall My TickTalk

4 Ways A Kid’s Smartwatch Will Give You Peace Of Mind This Fall

With autumn approaching and back to school season in full swing, your child will need a smart device that will keep them safe all year long! A kids wrist phone that goes where they go is a fall must-have, and a perfect way to get peace of mind knowing they have a smartwatch designed  to keep them both safe and connected. 

Always Know Where They Are

A kids tracking watch is the perfect way to keep track of your child as they enjoy the brisk fall weather. With a kid-approved design they’ll actually want to wear, you’ll love that no matter where your child goes, you can easily see their exact location in your parental control app. Some kids tracking watches even come with a History Route option to see your child’s past locations. Very handy for those times you need to retrace their steps when they’ve lost something throughout the day! 

Trust The People They’re Talking To

With a childrens smart watch, you can easily keep track of who your child is talking to by approving up to 53 contacts you trust. With secure Firewalls to block any unknown numbers from contacting your child, you can worry less knowing they have a safe device that’s designed by parents, for parents. Our kids wrist phones even have the ability to grant individual access levels to every single contact, giving you complete control over who sees what.

Be A Phone Call Away 

No matter what festive plans you have in store this fall, a kids phone watch keeps you and your child close even if you’re apart. Get peace of mind that your child can instantly contact you if they get lost in the crowd with Parent Shortcut Dial Icons. Some kids tracking watches even have an Emergency SOS contact, immediately calling your designated number with the press of a button.

Get A Safer Messaging Experience

With the holidays approaching, your child is going to want a device that allows them to share photos, messages, emojis, GIFs, and more. A kids wrist phone is the perfect solution to connecting with friends and family. Our kids smartwatch phones have Secure Messaging Centers where your child can send photos of their pumpkin carving skills to parent-approved contacts. Plus, you’ll love knowing their privacy is protected with end-to-end encryption, secure Firewalls, COPPA certification, and 24/7 security to ensure everyone’s data stays safe. 

Fall in love with the safest pre-cell phone this season for ages 5 and up. Stay safe and connected, all while your child learns to have a healthier relationship with screens and building great habits. Have any other safety tips you want to share for the fall? Send us a DM @myticktalk and we’ll include your tips in our next blog!