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5 Reasons A Kids Smartwatch Is An Essential Gift For Fall My TickTalk

5 Reasons A Kids Smartwatch Is An Essential Gift For Fall

Gift giving can be challenging during the fall as the holidays are approaching, but not here quite yet. A children’s smartwatch may be the best gift you can give for the entire family because it will last way beyond the holidays. Here’s why a kids watch phone is an essential for your family this fall.

A Safe Way To Communicate

A kids smart watch is a safer cell phone alternative that’s age appropriate for ages 5 and up. Unlike a smartphone, kids phone watches have parental controls that allow you to create safer communication between you and your child. This is better than a cell phone because you get to approve who your child is in communication with. Kids emergency watches come with a parental controls app, where you can approve your child's contacts, have customized messages between you and your child, block unknown numbers from contacting your child, and tons of other safety features.

Helps With Organization Skills

As parents, we know how difficult it is to constantly remind our kids about tasks they need to complete. A smartwatch for kids allows for you to take a step back while also allowing your child to have more responsibility and become more independent. Phone watches for kids, like the TickTalk 4, have 3D Reminders to keep your child organized while they are at school, band practice, and even at home this fall. 

Encourages A Healthy & Fit Lifestyle

Now that we’re getting away from the summer activities and heading into the fall, a kids wrist phone is a great way to keep our kids active. A kids smartwatch has an activity tracker that allows you to set daily goals for your child, compete with other TickTalk friends, and be healthier all at the same time. 

Keeps Your Family Connected

School is back in session and the daily routines are kicking in, but that doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected with your child. A phone watch for kids is the perfect way to stay connected with your child this fall without having to sacrifice peace of mind. With a messaging, phone calls, and video calling, you’re able to stay in contact throughout the day with a safe cell phone alternative for kids.

Promotes Screentime Balance

Once summer is over and the days get shorter, kids (and us) tend to spend more time on screens and less time outside. A phone watch for kids is a better alternative to a smartphone as it has less distractions, no games, social media, or internet access, allowing your child to have a healthier relationship with technology. Do Not Disturb on kids wrist phones help keep your child focused (and limits temptations of being distracted) to help your child focus when it’s time. 

The benefit in getting a kids tracking watch during this fall season is that it allows you to stay prepared for the activities that are to come. A smartwatch for kids is perfect to have so you’re able to keep in contact with your child during the pumpkin patches, halloween nights or even for sleepovers with friends. Have any questions about our features? Contact us at or give us a call at 1-(844) 260-4051.