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4 Ways To Choose The Best Pre-Cell Phone For Your Child My TickTalk

4 Ways To Choose The Best Pre-Cell Phone For Your Child

Our kids think they’re ready for a smartphone (even if they aren’t) as soon as they get into school. As parents, we need a device that’s the best of both worlds: a device that’s age appropriate and allows our kids to get in contact with us, without having to deal with screen time, unlimited internet access, and social media. If you’ve heard, “But so-and-so’s parents got them an iPhone” 5,723 times already, this article is for you! 

A kids smartwatch ticks all the boxes: a safe cell phone alternative with no internet, games, or social media that allows you to stay connected with your child, all while giving your entire family peace of mind. Here’s how to pick the best non-cell phone for your child (directly from parents in tech).

A Cell Phone With Training Wheels

When it comes to giving our kids a safe cell phone alternative, you need it to have the basics: communication and safety features. You want to be sure the tech device you’re giving your child to use every day is age-appropriate and won’t do more harm than good in the long run. We created our smartwatches to have all the positives of a smartphone, without any of the negatives so you can focus more on connection and less on worrying. 

Combines Every Great App Without Actually Having Apps

Your child’s pre-cell phone should combine all the apps your whole family actually needs without giving them access to download TikTok or Roblox. With kids smartwatches (like the TickTalk 4), you get to combine a cell phone + activity tracker + MP3 player + GPS tracker + parental control apps, all into one smart device that’s actually designed for kids. 

Doesn’t Add To Screen Time 

The screen time negotiation skills of kids lead us to believe we’re raising either the next generation of dictators or human rights lawyers (the jury’s still out). When picking the best safe cell phone alternative, you want to be sure it doesn’t have games or features that will lead to future arguments. If it does have potentially distracting features, you want to be sure the manufacturer thought of ways to set limits or disable the feature altogether (like us 🙋). Not all heroes wear capes, but they do sometimes code things.

Made By Parents, For Parents

Our smartwatches are created by parents who faced the same cell phone dilemma as you, who add new features based on what they’re experiencing as parents, and who may or may not still check if they’re breathing at night. We believe the technology our kids use should benefit them, not exploit them, which is why every feature on our kids smart phone watches meets one of three criteria: helps families connect, keeps kids safe, or helps them build great habits. 

Giving your child their first everyday tech device is a big decision. Luckily, a kid’s smartwatch like the TickTalk 4 is a great compromise to help keep you and your child safely connected, while giving them more freedom and independence to spread their little wings. We’re excited about what we’re doing (and so are Forbes, The New York Times, The Today Show, Parenting Magazine, and more!). Have any questions or want to see a new feature? DM us @myticktalk and join the conversation!