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Why Won't My TickTalk 2 Sync With the Changes On My APP?

Why Won't My TickTalk 2 Sync With the Changes On My APP?

One of the most frequently asked questions our customer service department gets is, “I have made updates and changes to the settings through the APP, but my child’s TickTalk 2 does not automatically sync with the new updates. Why not?”

Most of the time, if not all of the time, it is because the TickTalk 2 is OFFLINE. One of the most common issues we see is when the parent turns off an alarm through the APP, but did not realize the watch was OFFLINE and the alarm still goes off at the time originally set. To solve this problem make sure the watch is ONLINE, set up the original alarm in the APP and then delete it.

The watch must be ONLINE in order for any changes to sync with the watch. For example, if you are at work and your child is at school and you want to add a task for them to do after school, you can do that successfully, however the watch must be ONLINE. After you confirm that the watch is ONLINE you can add Things-to-Do, turn on the Firewall, add Contacts, use the Super Hearing function, etc, all through the APP and it will automatically sync to the watch.

To check if the TickTalk 2 is ONLINE simply open the APP and click on the location pin on the map that should have an image of your child. In the upper right hand corner you will see the blue text that reads ONLINE. If it is OFFLINE the text will be written in red.

We want are trying our best to help our customers solve any issues. We have a helpful support team standing by Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST to answer any of your questions.

Call us at(714) 578-6719 or emailsupport@myticktalk.com.