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App Update Alert 🔔 iOS 4.3.4 and Android 4.2.6 My TickTalk

App Update Alert 🔔 iOS 4.3.4 and Android 4.2.6

Our team has been working hard to make your TickTalk app user experience even better! We’ve added Power Saving Mode into your parental control app to allow you to set your locating and Wi-Fi connection preferences!

Automatically connect to your saved Wi-Fi or choose to manually connect—whichever works best for your family!

Choose between Tracking or Power Saving Mode for your TickTalk 4. Automatically get the location every 10 minutes or choose to manually update to preserve battery life!

We’ll continue to listen to all your suggestions to optimize your child’s user experience on their TickTalk! We appreciate your patience as we work to create the best possible TickTalk experience for both you and your child! ❤️