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What is the Difference Between the TickTalk 1.0 and the TickTalk 2.0?

What is the Difference Between the TickTalk 1.0 and the TickTalk 2.0?

Many of our first-time shoppers always ask our customer service representatives what the difference is between the TickTalk 1.0 and the TickTalk 2.0. Although both have been tested and approved by our customers, we thought listing out the main differences might help when making a decision to buy the first edition of our smartwatch or the second edition.

They are similar in many ways:  

  • GPS tracking/locating and “route history” mode on a Google Map interface through the APP
  • Works like a normal cell phone so you can send and receive calls with the watch
  • You can send text messages to the watch through the APP
  • Alarms, Firewall, Super Hearing, Voice Messaging, SOS, Pedometer
  • Both work on 2G network so you must check your service coverage in your area before you purchase

The new TickTalk 2.0 has all of the above features and more:

  • Improved and more accurate GPS tracking
  • A new to-do list function to teach kids task and time management
  • A more user friendly interface on the watch
  • A reinforced watch band for better durability
  • A "Do Not Disturb" feature that replaces the "Auto-Sleep" feature from the previous model. This feature will "freeze" your watch's screen (for instance, during school hours) so that the watch stays on, and you can still track it, but your child won't be able to send or receive calls so they don't get in trouble during class

A new TickTalk 2 APP that features:

  • A more intuitive interface
  • Satellite viewing mode
  • The ability to add/track multiple watches to the same app/account
  • Option to upload pictures for contacts (only visible on the app)
We want are trying our best to help our customers solve any issues. We have a helpful support team standing by Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST to answer any of your questions. Call us at (714) 578-6719 or email